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12 Ways to Cope with Sadness or Depression

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

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Covid19 has changed a lot of people's lives.

With this, you may be experiencing anxiety, sadness and/or depression.

Even without Covid19, regular LIFE can be stressful!

I have experienced depression and have find ways to cope when I am feeling down.

I hope this list blesses you!

Here are 12 ways to cope when you are feeling low!

1. Call Someone

Call a friend or family member! If you have grandparents, they would love to hear from you! There maybe other people who are lonely or just want to hear from you. Your call could make someone's day that much better and make YOU feel better as well.

2. Put Encouraging Words Online

There are many social platforms , full of people that need to hear some encouragement. Doing something nice for someone could lift their spirit and lift yours at the same time!

3. Do Something Nice For Someone

There are many nice things you could do such as grocery shopping and sending a gift such as flowers, chocolates or a card.

4. Write

Writing is a great way to get your feelings out!

5. Give Thanks

When feeling sad, sometimes this can spiral into a pit of negativity thoughts. Think of your blessings and be thankful. This can help turn your sadness to joy.

6. Make a Video

Talk about your feelings and get it out on video. This can be very healing to share your feelings out loud. You can also get creative and make fun, silly videos that will make you laugh.

7. Pray

Pray about your feelings. Ask God to help you with your sadness. You can also give the gift of praying for others.

8. Have a Coaching or Therapy Session

There are many great therapy sessions online, including my transformation coaching sessions here.

9. Music

Listening and dancing to upbeat music can be healing to the soul.

10. Watch a Movie

Watch a family friendly or a comedy movie that will make you laugh and forget your pain.

11. Exercise

Exercising can cause endorphins to release in your body and this