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7 Morning Motivation Tips!

Updated: May 15, 2020

I'm not a morning person… after I wake up, I am not FULLY AWAKE till about 2 hours later.

No amount of coffee can help me to fully wake up!

So as you can imagine, having the #motivation to do anything in the morning is hard.

If you are not a #morningperson, are #feelingdown and #depressed or just need some extra #motivationtips, this is for you.

1. Do one thing in the morning that makes you excited to wake up.

Drink coffee or tea, pray, listen to music, take a hot shower, go on a walk… Whatever makes you smile when you think about it (and whatever is safe 😊), do it after you first wake up. This will be an amazing start to your day and hopefully is a great sign for the rest of your day.

2. Start one step at a time (don’t overwhelm yourself)

"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. "

- Lao Tzu

For you to accomplish a big goal or many tasks, you should only start with one goal. Sometimes, we like to overwhelm ourselves with these huge lists of things to do. Then, we become frustrated and sometimes we give up on the list all together. Pick one thing to do, something small and accomplish that one task. Once you do that, then complete another task and another one and so on. After a while, you will be on a roll. If you get off course, then start with just one small task again.

Then, at least once a month, reward yourself for completing your tasks because you deserve it.

3. Breathe and Be Silent

The first thing we do sometimes when we first wake up is, hit the Ground RUNNING!

We just go, go, go and don’t take a moment to breathe. Breathe, be calm and enjoy the silence. Enjoy the silence before the noisy spouse, kids, cars, bosses, and so much more. Before you let all the noise start to drown out your inner peace, enjoy YOUR moment to breathe and relax. You owe it to yourself to have a moment of silence.

4. Be grateful

Being grateful for your life, adds to your motivation. Be grateful that you have food, a place to stay, a healthy body and family. Whatever you have, be grateful for it. The more you are grateful, the more you may feel motivated to make positive moves that add to your life.

5. Dress for you!

Have you ever heard, “If you look good, then you feel good!” I believe that is true. Try to dress in a way that will make you feel amazing. This may motivate you to do more because you look so good and it adds to you feeling good 😊

6. Get Enough Sleep, Eat Healthy & Drink Water

Sleeping well, eating well and staying hydrated is soooo important for your physical health. Your physical health, adds to your emotional health. Your emotional health adds to your motivation. Try to get enough sleep at night and that maybe a direct correlation to your motivation.

7. Be Patient

Be patient with yourself. It can be hard to stay motivated 100% of the time. And remember, you are human, so relax and do not push yourself too hard. Do everything within moderation and that includes staying motivated.

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