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20 Life Hacks!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

20. Think Positive EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Positive actions may lead to positive results in life.

19. Eliminate negative energy.

This includes negative thoughts, negative actions, negative people and negative surroundings.

18. Take responsibility for your life

17. Heal yourself

Take a look at your past and current situations that may trigger negative emotions. Try to evaluate your triggers and come up with solutions. This is a good step toward healing.

16. Forgive others

15. Fall in love with yourself

14. Pray

13. Be grateful

You have so much to be grateful for!

12. Exercise

11. Listen to music

10. Dance

9. Remember: You deserve an amazing life!

8. Try, try and try again!

7. Don’t be afraid! Just Do It!

If you have a goal or a passion, don't be afraid to do. Just go for it. If you don't succeed, refer back to #8!

6. Make a Plan

5. Go with the flow

Make a plan for some things and go with the flow with other things. Doing both is a healthy balance in life.

4. Focus on being good and doing good

3. Accept failures and the lows of life

2. Remember: Life is short.

1. Have Fun!

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